June 2020 update

Two more West Yorkshire artists Alison Goddard and David McCallam are all set to join Jacky, Catherine and Emma as members of the Yorkshire Colourists and we are looking forward to showing their work very soon. Their styles, although different again, add to and complement our existing range and definitely exhibit an empathy with the landscape of this region.

Due to Covid 19 all our planned exhibitions have been postponed. However we have set up a virtual exhibition on social media in lieu of Holmfirth Artweek. Each evening a painting from one of us will appear on our Facebook page with details and selling price. Any sales generated will donate to Macmillan Nurses. See :
Finally for 2020, we are still hoping to exhib at Globe Arts in Slaithwaite as part of their annual August Bank Holiday Art Week.
The group continues its collaboration with the Elmwood Surgery in Holmfirth as part of the ‘Health is where the art is’ initiative where a selection of our work is on permanent display for the enjoyment of the patients.
Finally, members of the Yorkshire Colourists also continue to exhibit individually in galleries and open exhibitions throughout the region as and when the opportunities arise.


The Yorkshire Colourists started 2019 by taking part in a successful exhibition in Halifax in January. Catherine and Jacky worked alongside other local artists from Redbrick Art Academy in Batley to mount an exciting show of contemporary art in Halifax’s Dean Clough Mill.

Emma continues to exhibit her work at the Cedar Court Hotel in Wakefield which is proving popular with visitors.

The group also continues to have their work on view at the Elmwood Surgery in Holmfirth to support the ‘Health is where the art is@ project, an NHS sponsored programme to help patients with mental health issues and general problems associated with ageing.

We are currently making preparations for Holmfirth Artweek in July where our works will be on show in the main exhibition at the Civic Hall and also in the Fringe based at the old Tourist Information Centre on Huddersfield Rd. All sales donate 20% of the price to the MacMillan Nurses, a good cause, so your support would be appreciated, do pop in.

Review of 2018

The Yorkshire Colourists had a busy and successful 2018. Over the year we had exhibitions at Elmwood Surgery, The Globe Art Studios, The Hope Gallery ,Cedar Court Hotel and Holmfirth Art Week.

Emma started producing on line demonstrations and continues to provide art tuition to A level students and aspiring adult artists.

The group worked collaboratively on a collection of works based on the beautiful and wild Wessenden Moor for The Globe Arts exhibition .

Our Face book followers have increased steadily over the course of the year.

 Two of the Yorkshire Colourists started the New Year by participating in a show with Redbrick Artists at Dean Clough in Halifax which has attracted over 200 visitors during the 2 week period.

Elmwood Surgery continue to show new works in the ‘Heart is where the Art is’ initiative aimed at the well-being of patients.

We have exciting plans in place for 2019 which we will reveal as the year progresses

Meanwhile keep an eye out for new paintings as they appear ino our on line gallery

For further details or enquiries email;

Exhibition News

Following a successful show at Holmfirth Artweek Main Hall and Fringe venue, The Yorkshire Colourists are currently exhibiting at the Globe Arts Summer Exhibition in Slaithwaite until 8th September 2018. We chose as our theme the local landscape around Wessenden Moor incorporating lots of colour into our individual interpretations.

Health is where the Art is

This is our exciting new collaboration with Elmwood Surgery in Holmfirth. Recent research published in the Parliamentary Report “Creative Health: The Arts for Health and Wellbeing “(July 2017) shows the positive effects of art on the wellbeing of individuals and we the Yorkshire Colourists and the team at Elmwood Surgery have embraced this innovation for their patients.

More specifically the benefits are that patients:

–  require fewer visits to the GP and /or hospital

– exhibit less anxiety, depression and stress

-recover more quickly from illness or long term courses of treatment

-connect more easily with others and their environment

We have a selection of colourful artworks on display at the surgery, the majority of which are based on local scenes.We believe this will enhance the experience of visiting the surgery for patients , relatives and staff.

The research in the Parliamentary Report demonstrates that the making and viewing of art has a positive impact on psychological, physical and spiritual wellbeing .Engaging in the Arts has been shown to assist people in facing health and social care problems, ageing, long term illnesses, loneliness and mental health.

We are a group of artists with a strong belief  in the power of art to enhance life and we are very pleased to be working alongside the health professionals at Elmwood Surgery and supporting patients to live a happy and creative lives by viewing and enjoying art.

Modu Exhibitions support the Yorkshire Colourists and Elmwood Sugery